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Pournami Yagam

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Next Pournami Yagam On Jan 30 2018 at 6pm. - Cost - Rs. 1100 /- ( Per head )

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The 'Yagam starts at 7 'o clock in the light of Pournami (Full Moon) in 'every month. Even though "Raja Yoga", (auspicious conjunction of planets foretelling Kingly fortune) is indicated in the horoscope, it may not be possible to enjoy the benefits because of the sins committed in the previous birth. Such things happen when the inauspicious planets, by sight or position, block the power of the auspicious planets capable of granting Raja Yoga. In order to prevent such hindrances and failures due to the sins of previous birth and to avail oneself of enjoying the fortunes predicted in the horoscope to the maximum extent possible, Sree Bagalamukhi Sarvabheeshta Sidhi Mantra is a must. In the Hindu Veda Shastra no other Mantram, Pooja or Yagam is equal to Sree Bagalamukhi Sarvabheeshta Sidhi Mantra Yagam which grants all requirements in life progress based on endeavour, employment and promotion; advancement in education, profession and business, Shubha Mangalya Sidhi (Good Marriage), Santana Bhagyam (Children), contentment in married life, procurement of movable and immovable property house, vehicle etc., Better earning; good health and longevity. Sre Surya Mangalam Bagalamukhi Devi temple is the only place in India where Sree Bagala Mukhi Sarvabheeshta Sidhi Mantra Yagam is performed in the traditional way as per the Thantric Vidhi on the auspicious day of Pournami (Full Moon) in every month with out fail, fulfilling 5000 times of Japam and Homam.




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