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Amavasya Yagam

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Next Amavasya Yagam On Jan 05 2019 at 6pm. - Cost - Rs. 1100 /- ( Per head )

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The Yagam starts at 7'o clock in the night on AMAVASYA (NEW MOON) in every month. lnorder to put an end to the enemies and the troubles created by them, to stop the sufferings due to the ill effect of Abhichara (Black Magic), to get success in law-suits and litigation, to avoid loss of 'money, disgrace and imprisonment as a result of the Dasha Sandhi (inauspicious position of heavenly bodies) as per the horoscope, to arrest the sufferings on account of curses derived from the sins of the previous birth, to get protection from the wrath of the Evil Spirits and Evil Deities and to have a permanent solution for the "Evil Eye" and the "NAVU DOSHAM (Evil effect supposed to befall from another's malicious words) in all the Three Worlds, no other Yagam, Pooja or Mantra exists which is more powerful than Sree Bagala Mukhi Satru Samhara Maha Mantra Yagam. Sre Suryamangalam Bagalamukhi Devi Temple is the only place in India where Sree Bagala Mukhi Satru Samhara Maha Mantra Yagam is performed in the traditional way as per Thantric Vidhi on AMAVASYA (NEW MOON) in every month with 5000 times of chanting of Mantra, Homam and Tarpanam (Sacrificial Offering) in every Yagam providing a chance to all devotees taking part in the Yagam to dedicate themselves to offer sacrifices in the Yagam to propiate gods.




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